Know Your GamePlan.



Meet Gary

The GamePlan for Life has changed hundreds of people's lives in profound ways. Gary created the GamePlan for Life because he saw too many people not living the kind of life they are capable of. Instead of spending years trying to figure out what to do, what if those same people spent those same years knowing exactly what to do and just getting better doing it every year.

As the founder and creator of the GamePlan for life, Gary is absolutely convinced that if people had a GamePlan to follow, they'd be all about it. 

Gary lives in a suburb of Seattle, WA and enjoys living life with his 3 kids and wife. He's a fanatical sports fan and loves smoking meat on his smoker.

Gary's passion is to UNLOCK and UNLEASH people, teams, and businesses to find their calling and purpose and organize their lives around their highest and best use in life.



One of Gary's favorite sayings is “Nothing feels as good as progress”. Not only does he enjoy making progress personally, it’s what he does professionally. He'll help you get better. Be better. Make progress.

  • A Professional Member of the Association of Applied Sciences in Sports Psychology.
  • Ordained Minister
  • Professional Strategic Planner
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Leadership Coach

  • Worked in a pilot program with the Seattle Seahawks in performance psychology

  • Former chaplain for the Seattle Thunderbirds

  • International speaker, writer, and organizational strategist

  • Works regularly with high performers from the NFL, MLB, Motocross, NHL, Olympic Figure Skating, NCAA Sports
  • Clients from Microsoft, Amazon, Thrivent Financial, Colonial Life, tech, real estate, education, and more